NASCAR brings back Dale Earnhardt’s #3 car

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3 car comeback photo from @RCRracing on Twitter

The number has not been used in top-tier NASCAR since Dale Earnhardt died in a crash in the #3 car in 2001.  Now, it’s coming back. reports Richard Childress Racing will revive the number in the 2014 NASCAR Sprint Cup. confirms Dale Earnhardt Jr. supports the return of the number even though he knows some fans might not agree with the decision.

Some fans think the number should be retired, and others think the best way to honor Earnhardt is to keep the number running so it can, hopefully, be seen again in Victory Lane. reporter David Caraviello tweeted that Richard Childress Racing confirmed the #3 car would be backed by Dow and General Mills.

Caraviello also tweeted a photo of the new #3 car, which will be driven by Austin Dillon.

RCRracing tweeted confirmation of the announcement, during which Childress said, “I know today Dale is smiling down.”