Davenport schools keep block scheduling

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Davenport schools will continue block scheduling for another year.

The Davenport School District has been debating whether to keep its current block schedule or switch to a traditional schedule for students’ daily classes. According to WOC the decision has been made to keep block scheduling “for at least another year.”

A list issued by the district illustrates the pros and cons of each option. “There is no definitive research that one type of schedule advances student achievement more than the other,” according to a spokesperson from the district. Click here to see the list.

With block scheduling, students attend four classes per day, and each class is 90 minutes long. Traditional schedules put students in seven classes for 50 minutes each.

The change could have saved the district $1 million, but parents and faculty wondered at what cost. In November, parents, students and teachers shared their opinions at a public forum on the subject.  Click here for previous coverage.