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Illinois drivers must put phones down starting 2014

Starting January 1st, 2014, Illinois drivers will have to put their phone calls on hold, or resort to a hands-free device when using their cell phones while driving.

Illinois law will consider driving while having your hands on a cell phone distracted driving.

“What we really want to do is make people aware of the risks that are out there when you are behind the wheel,” said Trooper Jason Wilson of the Illinois State Police.

Illinois State police told News 8 that 23% of car accidents in the United States is due to distracted driving.

Illinois is the 12th state to pass such a law. Drivers will still be able to talk on their phones, but they must have the proper accessories.

“You are no longer to have the phone in your hand, but you can use a Bluetooth system,” said Wilson.

In Moline, Bluetooth sales have increased for the IWireless Moline retailer in the SouthPark Mall.

In fact, they can’t keep the devices on the shelves.

“We are sold out at the moment,” said IWireless Sales Consultant Vanessa Cummings.

The past few months have brought several questions to mobile phone retailers. Including how Bluetooth devices work and how much they cost.

The devices cost anywhere from $50 to $100, a price that could save you a $75 fine.


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