Wisconsin family adopts neglected QC dog

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Rosie, a 10-year-old beagle mix that was neglected by her previous owner, was adopted by her new family Saturday, December 7, 2013.

News 8 brought you Rosie's story on November 8th after Mercer County Animal Control had responded to a complaint call.

The story went viral and made its way to CNN's website.

That's where Joyce Nichols of Fitchberg, Wisconsin heard Rosie's story.

"I watched the story and wrote to my husband - sad story but potentially happy ending," said Joyce.

John Nichols, Joyce's husband, responded, "When can we pick her up?"

Rosie's story dates back to the end of October. Mercer County Animal Control responded to a complaint call of animal neglect. Upon arriving to the scene, Animal Control said the conditions were "disturbing."

"She (Rosie) was literally knocking on death's door," said Chris Brewer with the Mercer County Animal Control Center.

The results of years of neglect still show in Rosie's brittle body.

Rosie will walk with a permanent limp due to the effects of untreated Lyme Disease.  She will also be on pain pills and medication for the maintenance of her ears for the rest of her life.

The Nichols' aren't the type to focus on the negatives, when they see Rosie they see a loving dog in need of a home.

Rosie is rescue dog number five at the Nichols' home. That's why they believe she will be a perfect fit.

"She is going to be extremely spoiled," John laughingly said.

Tears were shed when the Nichols' first walked into the Mercer County Animal Shelter and laid their eyes on Rosie for the first time

"You are going to be so happy," Joyce whispered to Rosie as she lay on the floor with her.

"I teared up when I cam in, It just breaks my heart to see the permanent effects of what happened to her," Joyce said.

Now, the physical effects can still be seen, but Rosie can put the past behind her and begin her new life in a loving home.

The previous owner of Rosie, Thomas Hayden, is currently facing charges of "lack of animal owner's duties."  That case is still in progress.


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