Local employers vow to increase racial diversity in management

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Some of the largest employers in the Quad Cities area have committed to increasing racial diversity in local corporate management.

The plan is part of the Quad Cities Diversity Initiative, aimed at attracting and retaining diverse executives to the local workforce.

Twenty-nine of the largest local employers participated in a study to ascertain the level of racial diversity that already exists in their management positions.  Data from that survey showed senior management at local employers is not as diverse as the community or the local labor force.

A Forbes study showed many of the top U.S. companies consider diversity to be a driver for innovation and global success.

The Quad Cities Diversity Initiative is aimed at increasing racial diversity in management positions by 25% over the next five years.

“We hope that this Initiative will make more people aware of what a diverse workforce can do for our community and the area economy.  Those organizations that recognize our country’s changing demographics will reap the economic and social benefits of a diverse and inclusive workforce,” states Lee Vasquez, Executive Director of the Greater Quad Cities Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

The Quad Cities Diversity Initiative was organized by Augustana College, St. Ambrose University, Quad Cities Chamber of Commerce, Greater Quad Cities Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, Genesis Health Systems, John Deere Foundation, UnityPoint Health – Trinity, Eastern Iowa Community College, and Rock Island County NAACP.

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