Hundreds of traffic citations issued in R.I. County over holiday week

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The Thanksgiving weekend was busy for Illinois State Police, who kept their promise to put extra officers on the roads over the days before and after the long holiday.

In reports published Monday, December 2, 2013, Illinois State Police said they issued more than 240 citations and more than 135 written warnings during special enforcement efforts in Rock Island County between November 22 and November 30.

The night before Thanksgiving, Illinois State Police said they issued 56 citations during a special traffic enforcement patrol in Rock Island County.  The enforcement wave included 50 citations issued for speeding and five citations issued for seat belt violations.

A similar special traffic enforcement wave was held in Rock Island County on Saturday, November 30.  Police reported 17 written warnings and 56 citations were issued that day, including nine seat belt violations and 31 speeding citations.  They made six DUI arrests that day as well.  In a separate enforcement patrol focused on seat belt use, another 30 seat belt citations and nine written warnings were issued November 30 in Rock Island County.

Illinois State Police say they arrested five people for driving under the influence in Rock Island County the day after Thanksgiving.  The arrests were made as part of a special nighttime enforcement patrol held during the late evening hours of Friday, November 29, 2014.  A total of 26 written warnings and 28 citations were issued during that special enforcement event in Rock Island County.  Although it was focused on identifying and removing impaired drivers from the road, police also made three other alcohol/drug arrests and issued five citations for seat belt offenses.

A week earlier, police held a similar enforcement patrol in Rock Island County.  They said 47 written warnings and 45 citations were issued that night, including eight arrests for driving under the influence and six other alcohol/drug arrests during the late-night hours Friday, November 22.

Illinois State Police issued 38 written warnings and 27 citations as part of their alcohol countermeasure enforcement patrol held Saturday, November 23, 2013 in Rock Island County.  They made four DUI arrests.  During a seat belt enforcement wave held that same day, police issued 40 citations including 32 for seat belt violations, plus 15 written warnings.

Police issued another 34 citations the Sunday before Thanksgiving.  Twenty-eight were for seat belt violations, and they issued another three written warnings to drivers November 24.