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Bettendorf Middle School launches anti-bullying billboard

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Bettendorf Middle School's anti-bullying billboard

As part of an anti-bullying project in their school, some local sixth-graders designed a billboard with a message that will be permanent at their school.

Seventy-three sixth graders from Bettendorf Middle School worked on anti-bullying projects that included reading, poetry and creating slogans and billboards with messages aimed at stopping bullying in their school.

Each class selected its top choices from the array of student-designed billboards, then the entire student body voted on the final designs to choose the one they thought was creative, unique and attractive and best represented the anti-bullying message with universal appeal.

Students held a dodge ball fundraiser to collect the money needed to construct the billboard and frame.

The winning billboard will be on permanent display by the school’s gym entrance.  Sixth-grade students will be challenged in the future to create a new slogan and design and to raise funds to resurface the billboard each year.

Bettendorf Middle School's anti-bullying billboard

Bettendorf Middle School’s anti-bullying billboard