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ISU professor teaches math through juggling


ISU Assistant Professor of Mathematics Steve Butler

An Iowa college is offering a juggling class with an underlying academic purpose.

According to a report by Radio Iowa, Iowa State University is offering a juggling class taught by assistant professor of mathematics Steve Butler. The professor bases his class around his finding that mathematics is based around patterns.

Iowa State University reported that the purpose of Butler’s class is to help students recognize patterns involved in juggling and using math.

“There are different kinds of throws and different throws have numbers attached to them,” said Butler, according to the report. “The idea is you want to keep track of how far the object has travelled or how long it’s in the air before you have to catch it again. So a ‘one’ throw is very quick and a ‘two’ throw is essentially twice as long.”

Math 595: Mathematics of Juggling is a class newly offered in the 2013 fall semester.


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