Black Friday Less Busy than Normal

Thousands of shoppers hit the Quad City retail stores early Friday morning but not at the pace they normally do.

The Toys R Us Store on Brady Street and Kimberly Road had dozens of shoppers Friday morning in Davenport, but not at the rate you'd normally expect. The Best Buy in Moline had the same situation Thursday. J.C. Penney also showed signs of life.

"You always have to stand in the big long lines a really long time to check out," Eldridge resident Jennifer Stratman said of past Black Fridays. "So, it was definitely worth waiting."

Toys R Us opened its stores on 5 p.m. Thursday. By the time shoppers hit the stores at 3 a.m. Friday, the store had already been open for ten full hours.

"It's actually like a normal shopping experience," Bettendorf resident Heather Wade said. "So it's quite enjoyable."

Nearly 100 million Americans are expected to shop on Black Friday, but the shopping continues after that. Toys R Us has sales going on until 12 a.m. Sunday. Best Buy has deals going on until 10 p.m. Saturday.


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