Ski Snowstar hopes cold temps stick around

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It's an early start to the season in Andalusia, over at Ski Snowstar where they're already cranking the snow machines.

It's a winter wonderland at Ski Snowstar Winter Sports Park.

"When you come in the morning it's you know bare ground around us and then it's like a big snowball around here, a snow dome," said general manager Ed Myers,

Ski lifts are empty right now, but in a few days they'll be up and running. For the past couple weeks, crews or better known as snow makers have been busy preparing the park for business season.

However, with Mother Nature in charge, they never know how much extra work they'll need to do.

"We made snow about two weeks ago, had a lot down and then it was very very warm that we lost it all,"said Myers.

Myers says the longer it's cold the longer this snow will stick around.

"We're here all year round, but we only get a chance to ski about you know 75 to 80 days a year so we got to have everything good," Myers.

Myers says they will have 30 acres covered and ready by the time they open on December 7th.