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Beyond the Green Screen: Thankful for Thanksgiving Day Weather

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The weather this Thanksgiving will be pretty uneventful. It doesn’t seem too exciting to get sunshine and mid 30 temperatures on Thanksgiving Day, but it certainly beats subfreezing temperatures and piles of snow on the road. Travel is always a priority around the holidays and clean roads and highways are crucial.

If only we could go back to last year! Do you remember that day? We had sunshine and a high of 63 degrees. It was absolutely lovely, in my opinion. I’m always prepared to be bundled up in several layers on my way to see family and friends. A light jacket was required last year but that will just not be the case in a couple of days.

Temperatures normally on Thanksgiving Day range from 42 to 45 degrees. The warmest high we’ve seen on this day is 66 back in 1966. The coldest high was just 15 degrees that took place in 1877. Normally we also experience less than a tenth of an inch of snow or sleet on the holiday but we are not forecasting any snow for awhile.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving and stay warm!