BBB warns customers about Davenport gun dealer

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A firearms dealer based in Davenport, Iowa is under scrutiny because of dozens of unanswered customer complaints.

A statement from the BBB says more than 25 complaints have been filed with them against Duck Creek Armory, an online retailer of firearms and related items. The company is headquartered in Davenport.

The complaints allege ordered products have not been delivered.  Some customers say they have been waiting for delivery of some items since last spring, and some said they already paid between $800 and $1,600 for the merchandise they never received.

“This week the BBB was informed that their phone was out of service and a call by the BBB to their number stated that ‘the number is temporarily unavailable,'” said the BBB statement.

News 8 also tried to call number listed on the company’s website, and the number not operational.  The company’s website was still operational and open for customer orders as of Monday morning, November 25, 2013.

The BBB statement says none of the complaints filed since October 14, 2013 against Duck Creek Armory have been answered.  The company has also reportedly not responded to a November 13 letter from the BBB requesting that the company address the complaints.

The result of the unanswered complaints is an “F” grade for Duck Creek Armory from the Better Business Bureau.  The BBB has also reported the matter to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives and to Davenport Police.


  • Kevin belmont

    Just won auction on gunbroKer and can’t get in touch with duck creek would like a phone number that works

  • Kevin

    They are under investigation right now by the State Attorney Generals office, I received an email from them today. They have been taking peoples money for months and not delivering the goods. If you need to file a claim against them I have the info. Contact me at

  • Paul

    Good luck to you guys that are going after these scum. I had a bad experiance with them a year ago fortuneatkey I recieved my gun albeit a used one being sold as new( to my embarassment I didnt catch it) missing the saftey manual, and one magazine( SIG mags are not cheap). They have also not had their membership renewed at the local gun club for multiple multiple saftey violations. GO GET EM!

  • Ex-customer

    I ordered and fully paid for a 12-ga from them in February of this year. I contacted them every 2 weeks on the status of the ‘back order’. It was finally delivered in September.
    I will never deal with them again.

  • Ryan Nau

    they stiffed me for $1200, davenport police are working at it. I really really hope I get my hard earned money back

  • PO'd

    They have also stiffed me for $799.00. My conversation with Davenport Police as of yesterday they were up to 30 people with the same problem with these guys. Number sure to mount!!!

  • dan

    i had a build with them back in MAY finally, after fairy tale, after fairy tale i finally got my money back and went to GANDER MNT. they told me they would have 3-4 guns a week come in for repairs. glade i got my money, i’m sorry to hear about everyone else tho.

  • Sean

    Really people…I went in their and they had a nice looking catalog with high prices on everything…I started talking to the guy in the shop and he seemed real knowledgeable about everything…then we started talking about prices and he wouldn’t negotiate at all…then as I started to leave his tone changed…make a long story short I left after they told me I had to pay 100% down to get a rifle in 3-6 months…I laughed at the guy as he was giving his bs story about quality and everyone wanting his guns…fairy tales are fairy tales people…better learn how to figure that out before you get scammed out of your money!

  • Paul

    Sean, Im glad you know everything there is to know about firearms( and apperantly grammar) Just becase you feel their prices are high in THERE( and I would agree with you) dosen’t give you the right to judge how others and how they spend their money, the fact is they spent their money, and got scammed.

  • Jason Cross

    I went in yesterday (25th) to pick up my rifle, was told to come back today…go back today and they are permanently closed. That’s what I get for keeping my money local!

  • Paul

    Clinton, the BATFE and FBI are already involved in that as much fun as it would be to be able to get Mr. Bitting and Mr. Hanjy

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