QC man raises money for Washington, Illinois family

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A Quad City man is using his business to help raise money for a Washington, Illinois family who lost nearly everything they owned from the tornado on November 17th.

The Dykema's once lived in Bettendorf, but moved to Washington a few years ago.

Jay Foster is best friends with Dusty Dykema and is the owner of Pints in Davenport. When he learned that his best friend's home was destroyed after the tornado in Washington, he took action.

"I would do anything for Dusty," said Foster.

And Foster is proving that true. His business and three other local businesses in the Quad Cities are helping raise money for the Dykema family.

"We are having a benefit for Dusty, Misty, and their seven month old daughter on Friday, November 29th," he continued, "all proceeds will go to the Dykema family," said Foster.

Also contributing money is Harrington's Pub in Bettendorf, the Office Bar and Lounge in Davenport, and the Barrel House in Moline.

When Dusty Dykema found out about the benefit, he was humbled.

"I have been receiving so much support from everyone and it's just makes me feel special," said Dykema.

And he should feel special. Just days after the tornado plowed through Washington leaving the city looking like a war zone, Dykema had friends from around the Midwest making special trips to help him clean.

"I had a guy fly in from Minneapolis, one from Des Moines, and three for the Quad Cities" said Dykema.

Hundreds of miles traveled to help their friend who was in need. That doesn't surprise Foster who knows how generous Dykema is.

"If he says I'm going to need help, everyone is going to help him," said Foster.

Foster said that Dykema is the kind of person who would do a favor for anyone. Now, Dykema is the one who needs a favor.

And Foster is going to do everything he can for his friend, because that's what friends are for.