Take Our Poll: Which Superintendent got the biggest raise?

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They run our schools, and they’re paid very well.

Some might even say they’re paid too well.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013, WQAD News 8 will tell you how much your superintendent is getting paid.  We’ll also show you the one additional perk that some superintendents get, and others don’t.

Take our poll below and tell us – which district do you think raised their superintendent’s pay the most?  We’ll answer that and more about how local superintendents are compensated Tuesday, November 26 on WQAD News 8 at 10!


  • Jessica

    I think its terrible that you did a piece on their salary. There must not be any news going on to investigate instead of this. Why shouldn’t they get paid big bucks. They have the highest position overlooking schools and they have a doctorates degree. They went to school for a long time to recieve that degree. People who usually have a doctorates usually get paid highly. Why not investigAte walmart and the low paying wages they make or investigate how much the CEO of John Deere makes. Let’s post how much you make and then discuss if the public feels if it’s fair or not.

  • Donald Rosentreter

    I think you did a good job reporting local Superintendent salaries. I would like to know the salaries of all the Superintendents in your viewing area.

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