Updated: Police identify man shot on I-88

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An apparent crash and shooting involving police blocked Interstate 88 in the area of Highway 30 on Friday, November 22, 2013.

Eastbound I-88 was blocked at mile marker 26 just after 11 a.m.  The road remained blocked at 3:30 p.m.  The roadway reopened shortly before 6 p.m. on Friday after police had said that it would likely remain closed for three to four more hours.

Initial reports indicated someone reported a possible shooting in the area of I-88 near the exit to Highway 30, at about mile marker 35.  There was confusion about whether there was a crash at the scene as well, since a wreck involving a police vehicle was also involved.

It did appear that a full-size SUV and a state police car collided.  Both vehicles were sideways along the side of I-88.  Police later confirmed a shooting happened, but they did not immediately release details of who fired a weapon and who, if anyone, was shot.

A spokesperson for Illinois State Police later said the incident was the result of a traffic stop gone wrong.

“An ISP trooper on patrol in the vicinity of I-88 + MP35  conducted a traffic stop.   The driver of the stopped car aggressively pinned the trooper between his (car) and another while the trooper was on foot.  Shots were fired and an (Illinois) DNR officer who responded to the scene in fear for his life and the life of the trooper discharged his weapon and  shot the offender,” said Monique Bond of the Illinois State Police.

The trooper involved in the incident suffered non-life-threatening injuries.

Multiple police and state police vehicles were sent to the area.  Initial information indicated multiple ambulances also responded.

At a news conference held later that afternoon, a police spokesperson said the trooper tried to pull over a tan SUV after the SUV driver reportedly called 911.  During the traffic stop, the SUV driver allegedly used his vehicle to attack the trooper.  That’s when an Illinois Department of Natural Resources conservation officer, also on the scene, shot the SUV driver.

The SUV driver was pronounced dead at the scene.

Police later identified the SUV driver as 30-year-old Shane David Cataline of Toledo, Ohio.  Cataline was the only person in his vehicle.


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