Deer hunting gets the green light in Rock Island

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white tailed deer photo from

The Rock Island City Council gave final approval to an urban deer hunt within the city limits.

Residents voiced concerns about the safety of deer hunting inside the city limits.  Others said the growing deer population was a safety concern.  There are an estimated 800 deer inside the city limits of Rock Island.

Hunters have complained that the previously-proposed urban deer hunt in Rock Island was too limited.  The Police Department will issue permits for up to four private property locations, and lottery will determine who can hunt at just four deer stands on Rock Island golf courses.

The plan allows the first deer hunt in Rock Island to start in December 2013.

Rock Island Parks and Recreation Director William Nelson stressed that a December hunt would only be a trial and that another deer count would likely be done in the future.

The 5-2 council vote Monday, November 18, 2013 was the last step needed in the process to launch Rock Island’s deer hunt.  Applications to participate are due by November 25.  To get information or apply for a permit, call Rock Island Parks and Recreation at 309-732-7275.