Illinois auctioning unclaimed property

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The Illinois treasurer’s office planned to auction some items in its collection of unclaimed property.

Illinois State Treasurer Dan Rutherford says one in eight Illinois residents has property in the state’s unclaimed property database.  The system is updated each Sunday morning to include new additions to the list of unclaimed property in Illinois.  Nearly 100,000 new items are added to the database each month.

Unclaimed property could include items such as those left in abandoned safe deposit boxes, inactive bank accounts, unpaid wages or commissions, money orders and bill overpayments, paid-up life insurance policies and stocks, bonds and mutual funds. 

When property remains unclaimed for at least five years, the state has the authority to auction off the property. 

The latest unclaimed property auction in Illinois was planned for Monday, November 18 through Friday, November 22, 2013.  Items listed in the preview included appliances, collectibles, vehicles and jewelry. 

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The treasurer’s office recommends current and past Illinois residents search their database once a month to see if they have anything added to the state’s unclaimed property database.

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