Davenport celebrates day dedicated to recycling

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A day dedicated to keeping the country in good condition was celebrated at a local recycling facility.

On Friday, November 15, 2013 the Waste Commission of Scott County and a Keep America Beautiful affiliate called iLivehere hosted a tour of the Scott Area Recycling Center to celebrate America Recycles Day.

The public was welcome to join in the free tour; coordinators were on site to answer questions, show people around, and everyone there was offered a free cup of hot chocolate.

There are several facilities in Davenport:

  • Scott Area landfill is located at 11555 110th Ave.
  • Scott Area Recycling Center is located at 5640 Carey Ave.
  • Household Hazardous Material Facilities are at 11555 110th Ave. and 5640 Carey Ave.
  • Electronic Demanufacturing Facility┬áis at 1048 East 59th Street.

For more information about the commission call 563-381-1300 or visit the Waste Commission website.