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Galesburg fights drug trafficking at Amtrak station

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Galesburg, Illinois is a crossroads for the Amtrak, and police say it is often a destination for drug smugglers.

Galesburg is a common stop for Amtrak passengers traveling from the west.  Some of those travelers are packing more than just their luggage.

"They smuggle their drugs on the train," said Galesburg Police Captain Rod Riggs.

Police in Galesburg have made 19 drug busts on the Amtrak this year.

Their most recent bust was on November 7th, when police arrested 26-year-old Darrius Kendrick for possession of six pounds of cannabis.  Police say he was traveling from California when K-9 dogs picked up a scent. Police say Kendrick will be charged with cannabis trafficking and possession of cannabis with intent to sell.

"The suspect had the drugs wrapped in Christmas paper, and it looked like Christmas presents," said Riggs.

But police say this is not unique.

"We have found it in candy bar wrappers before," said Riggs.

Passengers who ride the Amtrak believe more precautions need to be taken by Amtrak.

RaeAnna McCracken rode the Amtrak into Galesburg from Phoenix, Arizona.  She has a young daughter and believes Amtrak could tighten up their security.

"They need to be checking people more thoroughly when they get on the train," said McCracken.

Galesburg Police say that Amtrak is aware of this problem, and they are working with local police to keep drugs off the streets.

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  • Bob Craig

    It’s just “Amtrak”, not “the Amtrak”. It’s the name of the company. You could say, “the train”, For example, you wouldn’t say, “the John Deere”. But you could say, “the tractor”.

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