Beyond the Green Screen: The Bug is Back

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Somehow I managed to eat about three fourths of a banana this morning. My trusty 12 ounce 7-up sits next to my keyboard as I try to keep my eyes open from an awful headache. It finally happened. I got sick. I used my first sick day of the year. This wasn’t supposed to happen! I took my flu shot a couple of weeks ago!

I know that taking the flu shot does not come with any guarantee you won’t get sick but I’m definitely willing to do anything I can to prevent it.

Monday was definitely the worst of it. I’ll spare you the gross details but the whole evening wasn’t a complete disaster. Two things that can always give me a little comfort during times like these are a cold 7-up and a bowl of chicken broth. Campbell’s chicken noodle soup is also a go-to food but I didn’t think I could handle solid food. photo(3)

As the flu, stomach bugs, and colds go around hopefully you too can find some comfort in the little, simpler things.

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