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Parade and prayers mark local Veterans Day

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As participants stepped out in Davenport's Veterans Day parade, there were meaningful moments.

Vietnam-era and Desert Storm veteran Wayne Kraft offered a salute.  It's a tribute to those who served and continue to serve.

"I hope to remember the sacrifices they have made, and I hope other people realize the sacrifices they have made also," he said.

The proud parade moved through downtown Davenport.  There were high school ROTC units, marching bands, fancy cars and more.  Spectators braved the chilly morning to show support.

Davenport's Jane Shovar brought a sign to back the troops.

"I hope that if a person who has served sees it, they recognize that I'm here for them," she said.

That support extends to the Rock Island Arsenal where the community paused to honor and thank all who served in war or peace.

The Arsenal used its historic setting to remember.  It's a message that recognizes service and sacrifice. That's a crucial way to reflect for those attending.

"I'm always on the homeless veterans," said Vietnam-era veteran Mike Malmstrom. "There's so many of them. We tend to think about everybody, but we tend to forget about that homeless veteran."

Back at the parade, there's lots of spirit and support. There's more marching and watching. Just like the spirited units, Veterans Day is moving forward.

"We've come a long way to help take care of the veterans," Kraft concluded. "It needs to continue."

Through cheers and tears, it became a special Veterans Day in the Quad Cities.