Galesburg named one of America’s best small towns for food

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Just South of the Quad Cities, Galesburg has something to celebrate. It's one of the 11 communities from coast-to-coast, making cut for America's Best Small Towns for food.

"There's a lot of great food that sometimes you have to go look for,"said Phil Dickinson, owner of the Landmark Cafe and Creperie.

You can look no further, Seminary Street in Galesburg has you covered. There you'll find the Landmark Cafe and Creperie and across the street Chez Willy's.

"We've known we've had great food in this town for a long time and it's nice to see that maybe the word is leaking out a little bit," said Dickinson.

Galesburg has been named one of America's Best Small Towns for Food in 2013, according to the Even though Galesburg wouldn't come first to mind for some, others say it's the obvious choice.

"I think one of the reasons we got noticed is we have a tremendous amount of local independent owner operated restaurants," said Dickinson.

Coney Island is a small, mom-and-pop shop that has been in Galesburg since 1921.

"It's Galesburg's oldest restaurant,"said owner, Jesus Valdez.

Restaurant owners hope this publicity will expose them to new customers.

"I think it will bring people in town to try things, you know people will try and look up different restaurants that might be there and have us be a destination location," said Bill Egenlauf, owner for Chez Willy's.

The winners all focus on local, fresh, and seasonal ingredients and put them together creatively.

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