QC gets an early start on Christmas

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Bells will be ringing for the next 46 days as Christmas music is on the airways in the Quad Cities. Some say it's not too early to start decking the halls.

Christmas lights are hung and Christmas Trees are up.

"It's not too much, I think maybe it's just enough for this time," said Kristen Glass-Perez.

Even though it's early November, Christmas has hit the Quad Cities. Over at the radio station Mix 96, they are already playing Christmas songs despite still having Halloween decorations up.

"Halloween is just leaving the building and Christmas is just coming," said Jim O'Hara, the midday host for WLLR and operations manager of Clear Channel Media & Entertainment in Davenport.

You can hear Christmas tunes now all the way through Christmas day.

"If you're definitely not a Christmas person, you probably don't want to listen to Mix 96 for a few weeks," said O'Hara.

At Julie's Artistic Rose, the shop is wall to wall, decked out in Christmas decorations.

"It's fun to look at and get you in the mood," said Kathy Nelson, who was checking out all the Christmas decorations.

Some blame Thanksgiving for the early Christmas start.

"Maybe it's because thanksgiving comes so late they want it to just kind of start thinking about it a little earlier," said O'Hara.

One thing is for sure, everyone will be plenty prepared for when Santa comes.

"I wasn't ready for it, but you know what I think I am now," said Suzanne Anderson.

According to a new poll, 55 percent of people say it's unacceptable to play Christmas music before Thanksgiving. When you break those results down, it shows the older you are, the less tolerant you are to an early Christmas.