Pleasant Valley mom and daughter play coach and teammate on the court

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The head coach of Pleasant Valley High School’s volleyball team has not only a group full of kids to coach, but one team member calls her “mom.”

Stacey Ruff, PV’s volleyball coach is proud of her team and looks back fondly on memories of her daughter and team members playing the sport as children.

“It’s really rewarding, I can remember those guys just playing in my backyard peppering back and forth and there’s been moments throughout the season where I just look at them and I about start crying just because I have such fond memories,” said Coach Ruff.

Team member, senior Sydney Strawser said she’s been on Coach Ruff’s team since she was in 6th grade.

“We’re not really like a team, it’s more like a family,” said Strawser.

Coach Ruff’s daughter, PV senior Kayla Ruff said the dynamics are different between being on the court and being at home.

“When we get home it’s she’s my mom and we talk about volleyball a lot but she tries to be my mom and not so much as a coach,” Kayla said.

Kayla will be going to Western Illinois University in the fall to play volleyball. She said it will be weird to have a new coach, but she expects her mom to have some input.