Local I-80 rest stop to be first to generate its own power

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A new wind turbine installation will make the Interstate 80 rest area in the Quad Cities area the first in Illinois to generate its own power.

Illinois Governor Pat Quinn announced the state will invest $195,000 to fund construction of the wind turbine at the Mississippi Rapids Rest Area along I-80 northeast of Hampton.

“The best energy source is free, renewable and has little environmental impact – that perfectly describes wind energy,” Governor Quinn said. “Producing our own energy at this well-used rest area will reduce operational costs and serve as a model for other rest areas in the state.”

The turbine is expected to provide all power needed at that rest area most days.

Laverdiere Construction of Macomb was awarded the contract to install the turbine and an informational kiosk so visitors can see how much power it generates.  The turbine is scheduled to be operational in the spring of 2014.