Habitat for Humanity cashes in on Audubon demolition

A Rock Island school is just weeks away from demolition, but parts of Audubon will live on. Some of it’s unique features could end up in your living room.

It’s been anything but slow at the Habitat for Humanity Restore, in Davenport for the last couple of days and it’s all because of some new donations.

Across the river in Rock island, Audubon School will soon face demolition and what’s sad news for community members is actually a blessing in disguise for others.

“To see an old building come down which is very difficult and emotional thing for many people,” said Habitat’s volunteer coordinator Gail Yingling.

Habitat for Humanity was able to go inside the school and harvest anything they wanted from bathroom doors to auditorium seats. They took whatever items they could and put them up for sale.

Yingling said people have been calling all over the country to try and get their hands on a piece of the school’s history and their sales are proof.

“Our sales were easily tripled in a normal day and that’s probably being conservative,” said Yingling.

The money made at the store goes to help Habitat build homes for families in need, while at the same time keeping the memory of Audubon School alive.

“For a pretty small investment they can get a little bit of history,” said Yingling.

The district’s spokeswoman says contractor Joe Lemon Jr’s broker gave the district a signed purchases agreement for the property and building for $100,000 but the school board is standing by their decision and the school will be demolished.


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