Beyond the Green Screen: Making the Most of an Early Sunset

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Now that Daylight Saving Time has ended many of us are leaving work just after the sun has set. Outdoor exercise, play, farming, gardening, lawn care, and other activities are put to rest a little earlier. Now when I settle in after work I snuggle up on the couch, turn on the TV and wonder if I’ve lost track of time. Is it bedtime yet?

Ok, maybe it’s not that extreme but it has definitely been a little bit of an adjustment since last weekend. The end of DST can mean sleep deprivation and struggles adjusting to other daily routines will be more common.
I think I know the solution to these problems. Christmas lights. If everyone would go ahead and put up their Christmas lights I would be in a better mood on my drive home. When the snow starts falling moods may be a little better with the feel of Christmas around the corner. (No snow is being forecast for us just yet!) I think this would successfully spread some early holiday cheer. Who wants to drive home under dark skies, leafless trees, and quiet streets? Here’s to hoping this catches on ;)