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Pink Heals Tour surprises Moline man

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A Moline man got a surprise visit from the Pink Heals Tour to support his battle against pancreatic cancer.

The Pink Heals Tour is a non-for-profit organization made up of volunteer firefighters and paramedics who travel across the nation in a pink fire truck to pay tribute to cancer survivors and patients.

"There is a way for me, as a man, to reach out to other people and let them know, whether I know them or not they're important to me," says Joel Mains.

Mains is one of the volunteers who travels four to five months out of the year with the tour.

He says despite color, religion or nationality, people in general just need to be supported.

"John Lennon was a genius, he wrote "All You Need is Love." That's what were doing, that's the motivation force behind why were here:  Love."

November 5, 2013, the tour volunteers made their way into Moline to surprise 61-year-old Jim Schatteman.

Schatteman was diagnosed this past July with stage four pancreatic cancer.

He says he was startled when the firetruck pulled up unexpectedly.

"It was a good feeling, all around good feeling," said Schatteman.

Schatteman got a chance to sign the firetruck, which he says was an honor.

The fire truck currently has over 75,000 signatures from people who have lost their battle to cancer or are still fighting.

Schatteman says despite the fact that only six percent of those diagnosed with pancreatic cancer survive, He will beat the odds.

"It hasn't been beaten, but I told my doctor I'll be the first. I just had a CAT scan done and already it's shrinking, and that's good news," Schatteman said.