Hope Creek Faces a $2.5 million deficit going into next year

Rock Island County leaders will discuss a referendum on the Hope Creek issue Wednesday, November 6, 2013.

Hope Creek is the county owned nursing home in East Moline. The home faces a $2.5 million deficit going into 2014.

Rock Island County has owned a nursing home for more than 150 years, but now, there is a new committee that is looking into how to save Hope Creek. In order for the nursing home to be saved, property taxes would likely rise $80 a year on a home that's worth $150,000.

"It's only sinking if we let it," Rock Island County Board Member Steve Meersman said. "We're not ready to let it sink. We think we have the enthusiasm to make this work."

Nothing will be approved at Wednesday's Ad Hoc meeting. It starts at 3 p.m. at the county offices in downtown Rock Island. The county will decide on what to do with Hope Creek. Board members will likely do that at their meeting November 19th. Voters would then have to approve that measure in a march referendum.


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