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HAIL TO THE CHIEF: Local Stargazers found ISON!

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Great to hear from Alan and Sara Sheidler!  They are part of a special group of die hard stargazers called the ‘Popular Astronomy Club’ located in Milan, Illinois.  They sent me a note and pictures from their latest meeting.
Check it out!
The Popular Astronomy Club met early on Sunday Nov. 3 and we were able to capture some pictures of Comet ISON at our dark sky site south of Milan.    At magnitude 8 it is somewhat dim but Club members found it with a Celestron C8 telescope and attached a Nikon D90 camera on it and captured the following picture.   It is not visible with the naked eye at this point and it is unknown if it will grow brighter as it nears the Sun.   Our Club will continue to follow it’s progress.
Nov. 3, 2013    5:00 am.  Eastern sky in the vicinity of Constellation Leo just before
sunrise.  First picture is enhanced in photoshop.  second picture is how it actually looked through the telescope.