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Oxygen mask used to revive kitty trapped in burning home

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After an Iowa family escaped their burning home a paramedic worked to revive their fuzziest family member.

According to a report by CBS2 Iowa, the Rawson family was able to get out of their Troy Mills, Iowa home after a fire began on Sunday, October 27, 2013. The family got out, but their son, 11-year-old Parker was worried about his kitten, Wuzzy, who was still inside.

Braving the smoke, Parker’s uncle, Derek Rawson, returned to the home and found the kitten. Wuzzy was lifeless, according to the report, so the family asked for help from Ben Brink, a Linn County Sheriff’s Deputy and paramedic.

CBS2 Iowa reported that Brink was able to revive the kitty using an oxygen mask.

"I just got my oxygen mask out and I laid the kitty on the ground because it wasn't moving," recalled Brink, "and filled up my oxygen mask... and put the little kitty in it and let him breathe the air, and started squeezing his little paw to get him to respond."

Wuzzy is now known as Smokey.

The Rawson family moved into the home about six months prior to the fire. In that time they did “extensive remodeling,” according to CBS2 Iowa. It is estimated that the damage is over $100,000.

CBS2 Iowa reported that a fund to help the family has been set up in care of Marc and Becky Rawson at Farmer’s State Bank. The family will also be holding a benefit on November 30.