Man’s last push to save Audubon School

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One man is putting all his time and effort into saving the Audubon School in Rock Island.

When Donald Lind first heard that the Audubon School was going to be destroyed, he feared his childhood memories would also be damaged.

"If they tear Audubon down, all my memories will go up in dust," said Lind.

Lind reminisced on the time he lost his first tooth on the playground, when his team won the relay race, and the several plays he and his classmates participated in. Now the building where all of those memories occurred, will soon go up in dust.

But Lind is putting up a fight, and the clock is ticking.

Lind is starting a petition with others who are opposed of abolishing the school. With demolition starting this month, time is not on his side.

"I'm going to get a petition and if I have to be out here going to every house, then that's what I'm going to do," said Lind.

Lind believes that those who live beside the school will be in his favor.

"If Audubon gets torn down, it's going to be an eye sore."

The Rock Island School council originally was going to sell the property to Fairway Grocery for $475,000 , but Fareway backed out of the deal after neighbors protested.

Developer Joe Lemon originally matched the Fareway bid, but it was granted to Fareway.

This week Lemon offered $50,000 to purchase the property for renovation, but it was turned down because the offer was made via email and not considered a "formal" bid.

The Audubon School is planned to be demolished by Thanksgiving, but Lind won't stop his fight to save the historic building.

"If they tear this down it's just going to be a field of nothing, there is so much that could be done with this building," Lind said.