14-pound baby may be biggest for America in 2013

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A Utah mom gave birth to possibly the heaviest baby born in America in 2013.

According to a report by KSL, 14-pound Joel Brandon Jr. came into the world on May 9, 2013 via cesarean section at a Utah hospital. At birth the baby, nicknamed J.J., was 22-inches long and weighed 14-pounds on the dot.

At her last ultrasound, J.J.’s mom, Sara Brandon was told she would give birth to a relatively “larger baby.” At that appointment he was measuring at 11-pounds, according to the report.

“When he came out and they put him on the scale and it said 14-pounds even, I was very shocked, it say the least,” said Sara.

KSL reported that J.J. was born two years after Sara and her husband Joel gave birth to identical twin daughters. The twins weighed just 4-pounds each at birth. Due to J.J.’s size, all of the children now wear the same sized diapers, according to Sara.

After he was born, J.J. spent about a week and a half in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit due to respiratory problems, according to the report. Sara said since he’s been home he is doing well.

The title of the biggest baby in the world born in 2013 stands with 15-pound 7-ounce George King who was born in England in February, according to KSL.

“We’ve kind of been watching and waiting to see if there is a baby who is bigger, because he might be the biggest of the year,” said Sara. “We thought it was pretty funny we had Germany beat, and so far we haven’t heard of a bigger one.”