Illinois dad says bullies pushed his son to suicide

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Brad and Jordan Lewis (photo from YouTube video posted by Brad Lewis)

An Illinois man posted video online in which he pleads for an end to bullying after the death of his teenage son.

Brad Lewis says his 15-year-old son, Jordan, died of a self-inflicted gunshot to the chest.  In video recorded hours after Brad’s death, Lewis says Jordan left a note saying he took his life because he was being bullied at Carterville High School.

In several videos he has posted since his son’s death, Brad Lewis says he doesn’t agree with the decision to show about bullying at the school just before Jordan’s death.  That video, Brad says, ended with a bullying victim committing suicide.

Brad says he thinks parents should have been asked for permission to allow their children to see that video.

Brad says he also experienced bullying when he was younger, and that everyone needs to realized the impact of what they do to other people.

“This bullying has to stop.  People have to stop treating other people the way they do because some people just don’t have the strength to overcome the humiliation, the continuation of being picked on constantly every day to the point that they have no outs,” Brad said.

In another video on his YouTube channel, Brad says he wished state laws enacted to help stop bullying and increase penalties for it would help.

Brad also pleads for anyone who can identify bullies to come forward.

If you have to, please go to the school and let them know.  Let your parents know…because I want this to stop and the only way for it to stop is to let people know what is going on so the school can get more involved and that no other lives has to be taken,” Brad said.