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Producers make horror film in the Quad Cities

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It's a horror movie centered around news and the main character isn't your typical horror movie villain.

It's a horror movie with a twist. It's called, "The Newscaster."

"There's not been a horror film that's focused specifically on news," said the film's director, Joe Zerull.

The villain of the movie has an alter-ego on the nightly news.

"He goes and interviews all the family of the victims he just killed, and it's really messed up and creepy," said Zerull.

So far, Zerull has made a trailer and a short film based on the plot.  If the set looks familiar in the trailer, that might be because it was filmed in the News 8 studio.

Zerull is hoping to catch some people's interest with the five-minute short film.

"It just comes down to really time and money.  All of us, you know, make time to do it because we like to do it, but it would be great to be able to have some money behind it," said Matt Heilig, who helped shoot the trailer.

Four years ago, Zerull made a horror film called "A Cadaver Christmas," which was also filmed in the Quad Cities with local actors.

"It's fun being there and being behind the camera and, you know, the fantasy world of horror," said Zerull.

Last time Zerull received funding from family and friends, but he doesn't want to rely on them again. He's hoping to get the attention of a potential investor.

"If this doesn't work and I can't raise the money I'm gonna do something else eventually. I juts don't know what that is yet," said Zerull.

One thing is for sure, Zerull says he won't be filming anything with a happy ending.

"I'll tell you, I will not make a romantic comedy or anything like that," said Zerull.

Anyone interested in helping out can message Zerull on the movie's Facebook page.