Dean celebrates fundraising milestone on the roof

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The dean of student support services at Black Hawk College spent part of her day in an unusual place to celebrate the school’s milestone in raising money for a community charity.

Interim Dean Dr. Kim Armstrong agreed to sit in a nest on the roof of Black Hawk College in a full hawk costume and sit in a nest as a way to celebrate raising more than half of their $20,000 goal for United Way.

Armstrong said the school supports the United Way because it’s a way to support the community that the students are from. Services United Way provides are also services that are used by the students.

“Being a community college we have open access, so students come from all walks of life,” said Armstrong. “We use these services and that allows our students to be retained, help them complete their goals, and help them be successful. So yes, we are very much supportive of the united way.”

They have raised $13,000 so far and Armstrong said they will have a “big celebration” once they reach their $20,000 goal.