Pay It Forward: Sketching Soldiers

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MILAN, Illinois - Pictures can be priceless.

One local lady has spent many hours using her talent to give new life to special pictures.

Pamela DeSchepper can't wait to surprise and help her friend Char York.

She spends a lot of time helping other people she really deserves this. I'm really excited for her," DeSchepper said.

She says Char is a blessing for many reasons.  The most obvious covers her front room.

"If they have a son or daughter in the service that passed away she'll do a drawing and then she'll give it to the no charge and she spends hours and days on them," DeSchepper said.

"Most of my drawings I do are of friends or family who have lost loved ones. In 2008 her son passed away in Iraq that is the picture I used to do the drawing," Char said.

She says it took about 40 hours to complete the drawing.

Char spends her own time and money to create these special works of art.

Lately times have been pretty tough.

"This came just in time.  I knew it would.  We went through the coverage gap on my medicine," Char said.

DeSchepper goes onto say, "She's been pretty sick, too. I'm so happy for you."

Due to her health problems, her drawings have slowed down a bit, but Char is getting back into her creative space.

Now she's working on a very personal piece:  a drawing of a brother that recently passed away.

"She also has a sister act.  She and her friend Louise also go to nursing homes and sing. Its a God-given talent and she puts it to good use," DeSchepper said.

Whether singing or drawing, Char knows the meaning of paying it forward.

Char also sells her colored pencil art.  Her email address is