Iowa teaching assistant emails nude pics to students

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A University of Iowa graduate teaching assistant accidentally emailed nude photos of herself and another person, instead of a homework study guide, to students.

The email, sent Tuesday evening, October 22, 2013, was supposed to include a study guide attachment.  Instead, the TA attached the photos.

UI email photo from

UI email photo from

University officials asked the recipients to delete and avoid sharing the photos, but the photos and discussion about them went viral online.  Reports of how many students received the email vary from 28 to as many as 80 students.

The images reportedly appeared to be part of an online chat between the two people involved.

The university did not publicly identify the TA involved.  University spokesman Tom Moore called the incident “unfortunate.”

The TA involved has since apologized for what happened, saying it was an accident and that she regrets her actions.

Moore reportedly confirmed the woman remained at the university but was reassigned to perform non-teaching duties.