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Beginning farmers get priority in leasing public Iowa land

Posted on: 2:43 pm, October 24, 2013, by

Outdoors, photo from the Iowa DNR

Outdoors, photo from the Iowa DNR

A change in legislation is giving precedence to beginning farmers in Iowa.

According to the Iowa Department of Natural Resources, beginning farmers will get priority in leasing public land. The change to the DNR’s leasing program was passed in the spring of 2013.

Beginning in early November the DNR Realty Services will post land available for leasing on their website – click here.

To participate in the beginning farmer program you must be a permanent Iowa resident, have the appropriate skills, and have a net worth of less than $691,172. Certification is also required by the Iowa Finance Authority. Click here for more information about the program.

The Iowa DNR suggests beginning farmers look-over lease agreements carefully since most of them include different requirements that aren’t included in most standard agricultural leases.