Gas price drops below 3 dollars

Gas price at $2.99 at Davenport Sams Club 10-22-13 (WQAD Photo)

Gas price at $2.99 at Davenport Sams Club 10-22-13 (WQAD Photo)

The price of a gallon of gas dropped below $3 for customers of at least one local gas station.

The sign at Sam’s Club, 3845 Elmore Avenue in Davenport, Iowa showed a $2.99 per gallon price Tuesday morning, October 22, 2013.

That same day, the AAA Fuel Gauge Report showed the national average price for regular unleaded gasoline at $3.34 per gallon.

That’s more than 30-cents a gallon lower than the $3.66 per gallon national average a year earlier.

AAA listed the current average for a gallon of unleaded gasoline in Illinois at $3.44 per gallon, and in Iowa at $3.25 per gallon.  That’s compared to an average of $3.54 a year ago in Iowa and $3.64 a year ago in Illinois.

AAA gathers price information from 120,000 self-serve stations which are surveyed every day.

Gas Buddy reports prices based on information that customers report in cities across the U.S.  They reported October 22 prices as low as $3.03 and as high as $3.59 in the Quad Cities area.


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