One-of-a-Kind Event Takes Place in Prophetstown

A once popular, now unique event took place in Prophetstown, Illinois over the weekend.

On Sunday, October 20th, 2013, the Coon Creek Men's Club held its 28th Annual Farm Toy Show at Prophetstown High School.

Inside, you could find rows and rows of cast iron and die cast collectibles. Some of the items were on sale, while others were on display only.

Outside, 20 to 30 antique tractors were showcased, including tractors from Oliver, Farmall, and John Deere.

Organizer, Gerry Halpin, says people come to Prophetstown from up to 100 miles away since you can't really find these types of shows anywhere else.

"This type of show is kind of unique," says Halpin. "Back in the mid 80s, farm toy collecting became popular and then every town had a toy show for awhile, then they all kind of fizzled out, but we're still doing ours so it is kind of unique."

Halpin says proceeds from the show usually go to the schools in Prophetstown, but this year a portion will go to help downtown Prophetstown recover from a massive fire over the summer that destroyed eight businesses.


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