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Kids Learn About Harvesting, Decorate Pumpkins

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Dozens of kids used stencils and stickers to decorate free pumpkins for the John Deere Pavilion's Kids Crafts Day on Saturday, October 19th, 2013.

No carving necessary, so the activity was safe for children of all ages.

The event also gave kids the chance to learn about what happens with their favorite John Deere equipment in the fall.

"We want kids to understand that with the harvest it's a busy time of the year for the farmers," says Kristen Veto, Assistant Manager for the John Deere Pavilion. "We want kids to understand what John Deere does to help with the farming with the combines, the tractors, and help bring in that harvest to help feed the world."

The John Deere Pavilion's next Kids Crafts Day is November 16th and will be about turkeys.