Harvest Moon Festival celebrates harvest of local foods

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With temps dropping and the harvest underway, the Quad Cities came together in Davenport Friday for the Harvest Moon Festival, a chance to celebrate a successful summer in the fields.

The celebration was held at the Quad Cities Food Hub in downtown Davenport.

As the fall darkness crept in, candles lit the room of the harvest celebration. The food from the gardens and fields, now here.

“Obviously since we're in the fall, it's gonna be a lot of squash,” said Chef James Preszler, owner of Creative Catering by Chef James.

Sizzling squash spaghetti, skewering Kafka, bubbling oil, rolling falafel, all of the food was local.

“Well I think it's about sustainability, really,” said Preszler.

The people gathered in the room at the Quad Cities Food Hub, are all passionate about eating, growing, and buying local.

“It's healthier, it's fresher, it's just better for people,” said Carla Jaquet, President of the Quad Cities Food Hub.

“It just keeps the money here in our towns, especially in rural areas,” said Cindy Heilmann, owner of Heilmann Hawkeye Acres in Goose Lake, Iowa.

Heilmann is noticing more people buying foods grown locally.

“There's really a lot of people coming to farmers market, and they really like the fresh food they're getting... it's satisfying to do what I do,” she said.

The celebration on Friday, was both about the harvest and the Quad Cities Food Hub making it through its first season,

“It's not just about buying from your local farmer, but having a garden yourself and growing that food yourself,” said Jaquet.

And watching the food go from the farm, to the kitchen, and on to these plates,

“The fulfillment of all their hard work all summer long tilling in the heat when it's 100 degrees outside, watering and weeding and all of those things that they do to bring food to the table for our local community,” said Jaquet.

Quad Cities Food Hub said they plan to make Celebrate Harvest Moon Festival an annual event.