First handicap accessible park heading to Davenport

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It's a playground that will be the first of it's kind in Davenport, universally accessible. With several thousands of children with disabilities in the community, organizers say there's definitely a need for one.

Gloria Cypret became frustrated last year when her grandson couldn't use the playground.

"He likes the parks, but there was no playground area in davenport we could access," said Cypret.

Cypret's grandson uses a wheelchair and out of the sixty-four city and school playgrounds in Davenport, not one of them is handicap accessible, so she formed a group to get something done.

With permission from the city Cypret and her team are determined to raise money for a new playground that will be fully handicap accessible.

"I think it's important to educate the children and the adults," said Cypret.

The current playground will be torn down to make way for a new one by next fall. Organizers are hoping to raise $500,000 for the playground.

Cypret says it will be more than just a playground, but a tool to help break barriers and teach tolerance.

'This type of playground will bring the able bodied and the disabled bodied kids together," said Cypret.

The organization is holding a meeting for the public to have input on the design. The meeting will take place October 28, 2013, 6:00 p.m at the Davenport Public Library.