Local Businesses struggle during shutdown

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While thousands of arsenal workers have kept working during the shutdown, that hasn't meant everything's been business as usual around the island. With so many contractors and government workers furloughed the past couple weeks a ton of back and forth business and business trips to town have come to a halt.

Holiday Inn in Rock Island has seen busier days.

"We've lost close to 500 rooms nights for the month of October," said hotel manager Connie Schlichting.

Every day the government is shut down, local businesses lose money, especially those who depend on business from the arsenal.

"About 25 percent of our business as a whole is from the military, because of our location," said Schlichting.

Now they're down $40,000 in October leaving the Holiday Inn with more empty beds that they would like. Forcing them to start thinking about how they will make up for their loss if the shut down continues.

"If we don't have those check in's coming in then the hours get cut so we can try and manage our revenue to our bottom line," said Schlichting.

At Mama Compton's they've already have had to cut hours.

"Our numbers have dropped significantly we are down at least a full business day every week," said owner Pysndy Compton-Muse.

They're use to the crowd that they would get from the Holiday Inn.

"It's very busy, usually when we have what we call a normal business day, it's hard to keep up," said Compton-Muse.

For now all they can do is keep hanging on, because only time will tell if the government will bounce back.

"We'll just have to keep persevering, tomorrow comes regardless," said Compton-Muse

If the shutdown would happen again in January, both businesses say they will take an even harder hit, because business is already slow during that month.