Davenport horse on the move for scavenger hunt

A bar in Davenport has taken its mascot and turned it into a scavenger hunt.

Chuck’s Tap is moving a horse, known as Mr. T, around to 15 locations.

“I’d call him MIA,” said the bar’s manager, Linda Galloway. “We’re out on a scavenger hunt with him.”

Residents can participate in the hunt by locating the horse each time he is moved. The bar lists clues as to where Mr. T might be each day on their Facebook page. Clues should also be on the horse.

Galloway said the winner will get an 18-inch flat screen TV and a surprise box.

“If they tie it’ll have to go into a drum and be drawn for a winner,” she said.

The contest is open to anyone 21-years and older.

The rules for finding Mr. T are as follows,

  • The horse will be at 15 different locations from October 5 – October 31, 2013.
  • The horse will spend two days at each location except on Fridays when it spends just one day.
  • Each time the horse is moved there will be a new hint as to where it is.
  • When you locate the horse, write down the location and the letters underneath the clue number. On the number 11, you don’t need the letters.
  • Entries can be submitted to from November 1 -15.

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