Quad Citians Speak-Up about Shutdown

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Today marked the 13th day since the Federal Government shutdown.

Today, News Eight talked to several people about the shutdown. Opinions seemed to consistently portray the same message, frustration.

Jim and Gayle Witte are visiting the Quad Cities from Cincinnati. Sunday they drove to West Point Iowa, in hopes of seeing the Herbert Hoover Library and Museum. There plans were derailed.

"We tried to go to the Hubert Hoover museum today and that was shutdown," said Gayle Witte.

Witte continued to say how sad it was that the city of West Point seemed like a ghost town.

West Point relies on the Herbert Hoover Museum to fund their small businesses.

Others are seeing family members who are feeling the consequences of a shutdown. Jennifer Vasquez has a daughter in the Navy, brother in the Army, and her father is retired from the Rock Island Arsenal. All are uncertain of what lie ahead of them.

"Many people that are in all different branches and all different jobs that desperately need their paychecks and they can't be put aside or put on hold just because of some budget meeting," said Vasquez.

With October 17th just a few days away, a compromise will need to be reached, or things could get worse.

President Obama stated, if Congress doesn't not come to compromise before October 17th, it would be an economic shutdown.

Millions of people may not receive their checks from social security and other sources if the debt ceiling is reached. A sure hit to the already unstable economy.

With uncertainty looming in the United States for the last 13 days, there are still no signs of relief.