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  • Those meddling kids and their dog.

  • Iggy ready for all the trick or treaters!

  • Brady loves golf!

  • Caroline's first Halloween!!

  • Indian Princess Twins

  • Grandson's Kemper Carle and Brodie Claeys

  • Natilee(snow white)-2yrs old and Thalia(cheerleader)-9yrs old

  • Terry Waldrons yard in Silvis.

  • Liyah (4) is a cheetah for halloween this year, and her brother Tayvian (8) is Si from Duck Dynasty.

  • Rachael (2) and Reaghan (8 mos) as Sofia the First and her pet rabbit Clover. Kristin Thompson, LeClaire, IA

  • 2013 Carved Pumpkins

  • First ever pumpkin decorating

  • Pumpkin carving 2013.

  • Hound of the Whiskerville.

  • Dog and ghost

  • My dog Lexi and one of my pumpkins from the garden.

  • He-Man, Man at Arms & Orko.

  • Come by for Halloween Fun . Computer run music and light show @533 East Park Street Geneseo . Show runs every night 7-10pm , Fridays &Saturdays 7-11pm . (cancelled if raining )

  • My daughter and our beagle, Cubby

  • Computerized Light Displays.

  • Foreman... our almost 7 month old black lab.

  • Halloween decor at Halloween Express in Davenport

  • Made our own punk rockers photo shared by Nicole Spriet via Facebook

  • Sugar Skulls costumes photo shared by Nicole Spriet via Facebook

  • Trevin the Zebra, photo shared by Mitchell Pforts via Facebook

  • Toy Story characters, 10-31-13, photo shared by Karen Cater via Facebook

  • Halloween 2013 in Milan - photo shared by Scott Fuller via Facebook

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