Pay It Forward: More Than Security

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ROCK ISLAND, Illinois - One faculty member at Rock Island High School knows a friendly greeting can go a long way in helping students do their best.

The relationships also play a big role in his goal in keeping tabs on the school.

Walking into Rock Island High School most days you will find Charles Butler front and center.

His title is head of security but his demeanor is more like that of a friend.

Thats why Carmine Draude wanted to recognize him.

"He's here for the people of Rock Island High School. A man of few words, is a good listener and makes them feel special."

"Mr. Butler on behalf of Ascentra Credit Union and News 8 I nominated you for all the things you do for Rock Island High School and this is for you to Pay It Forward."

"Wow, Thank you so much. Wow."

"You deserve it."

"I'm shocked blown away this is, I don't do this for this... I do this because of my passion. I love kids, I love youth, I love working here."

Mr. Butler says making others feel special, just comes natural.

"Part of my character, my mother was like this and I give her all the credit."
"It is all about rapport, all about rapport, its all about getting to know people for who they are."

That rapport begins early each day.

"With a smile and a handshake, goes a long way. A lot of these kids come from different backgrounds and you just got to make them all feel like they are part of the family."

He hopes building relationships will impact these students for years to come.

"Try get them in here and educate them and send them out so they can be productive."

A tremendous role model who Draude says is an example for others "he's just a very special person and he is one of the unrecognized heroes. Every school has that person that goes above and beyond and he's that person at Rock Island High School."


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