Prescription drugs abuse growing in Iowa and Illinois

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Prescription drug abuse in Iowa and Illinois is on the rise.

In Scott County Iowa, the numbers show the increase deaths from drug overdose.

Deaths by year:

2010: 10

2011: 16

2012: 18

So far through 2013 there have been 17 deaths.

Heather Olson, the Vice President of the Center for Alcohol and Drug Services (CADS) in the Quad Cities, is aware of the issue.

"The numbers have went up over the years," she continued, a lot of that is due to prescription drug use," said Olson.

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CADS is pushing for more to be done. More education, and continue for more legislation.

Iowa and Illinois both passed a bill that would allow a doctor to check a database that lists recent drugs that patients may have been prescribed from a different provider.

Cutting patients back from stocking up on prescriptions.

"People who may be struggling with abuse have been going from doctor to doctor and try and get the same prescription," said Olson.

But CADS is doing their part in fighting prescription drug abuse.

They operate programs through the University of Iowa, St. Ambrose University, and Scott Community College that require medical and nursing students to be educated on CADS.

"They learn what we do and assist with substance abuse," Olson said.

For now, the numbers show a negative trend, but the fight has just begun and organizations like CADS are ready to fight it.